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What does it mean when you look at the clock at a fixed time?

There are periods of time when every time we look at the clock, we are surprised to find that we are doing so exactly at a certain hour.

What significance does this have? What connection do the hours have to romantic life? Most of us know that when you look at the clock at a fixed time, your partner loves you, but the meanings are different depending on the time you look.

Significance of fixed hours (significance for the feminine part): 01:00 - Someone of the opposite sex appreciates your qualities, admires your charm, and wants to know more about you. 02:00 - The one who nestled in your soul is not exactly the right partner because soon they will seek someone else. 03:00 - The person who stole your heart always dreams of you, in the sweetest poses. 04:00 - You have truly conquered them and become the love of their life. 05:00 - They are burning with impatience to meet you because they miss you. 06:00 - There is someone who would do anything to be with you but knows you are in a relationship with someone else. 07:00 - They think about you day and night and want to share their feelings with you. 08:00 - You feel like you're flying, and you feel like the whole world is yours because you have fallen madly in love. 09:00 - You've twisted the mind of a man with black eyes. 10:00 - The chosen one of your heart is determined to propose to you. 11:00 - You're sad because they don't love you the way you'd like them to. 12:00 - You are slightly quarreling, but destiny wants you together. 13:00 - They feel your absence even if you're away from them for only 5 minutes. 14:00 - A brunette with green eyes has developed a passion for you. 15:00 - You've conquered them with your gaze; they will always adore your eyes. 16:00 - Feelings urge them to kiss you but they lack the courage. 17:00 - You both want to spend time together. 18:00 - They don't waste a moment without thinking about you. 19:00 - You are their life. 20:00 - You have entered the heart of your best friend of the opposite sex. 21:00 - They're consumed by jealousy because they saw you with someone else. 22:00 - You've fascinated them with your beauty; they will never forget you. 23:00 - They're interested in you. 00:00 - They enjoy talking to you, but unfortunately, they are in love with your friend.

23:32 - Possible health problems. 23:23 - Dangerous collaboration. 22:22 - You will have a new acquaintance. 21:21 - Storm in love. 21:12 - Birth of a child or a new project. 20:20 - Family quarrel. 20:20 - Argument with a close person. 19:19 - Business success. 18:18 / 16:16 - Be careful on the road. 17:17 - Beware of street hooligans. 15:51 - Short-lived romance. 15:15 - Follow the advice of a wise person. 14:41 - You might end up in an unpleasant situation. 14:14 - Sort out your relationship. 13:31 - Achieve what you've longed for. 13:13 - Beware of rivals. 12:21 - Make acquaintance with a charming woman. 12:12 - Success in love. 11:11 - You become dependent on someone (or something). 10:10 - It's the right time to start something. 10:01 - Encounter with influential people. 09:09 - Take care of your wallet or purse. 08:08 - Career setback. 07:07 - Beware of people in uniform. 06:06 - Quick marriage. 05:55 - Not far from meeting a wise person.

05:50 - Beware of water and fire. 05:05 - Secret enemies plot against you, unfair play. 04:44 - Reprimands from the boss. 04:40 - Today clearly isn't your lucky day. 04:04 - Look at the situation from the other side. 03:33 - Meet happiness and luck. 03:30 - Alas, your sense of change remains unanswered. 03:03 - Love knocks at your door. 02:22 - You will discover a mystery. 02:20 - You are vulnerable, avoid contradictory words. 02:02 - Expect an invitation to dinner or to a club. 01:11 - Don't refuse any proposals today. 01:10 - The project you started will not bring the desired result. 01:01 - Expect good news.

00:00 - Every wish from a pure heart will be fulfilled.

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